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January 2014

Community Connection

Issue #49

Message from the Board

Welcome to the latest edition of iCircle's Community Connection! As you may know, this weekly newsletter helps to keep our network engaged, informed, and inspired!. It is exciting to see all the great work and innovation that providers around Central New York are doing to assist people with disabilities.

With all the excitement and media circulating around championship football, we found one particular story of interest we wanted to share with our network. You may have seen or heard about Derrick Coleman, Running Back for the Seattle Seahawks. His story is truly a reminder and inspiration to us all that perseverance, hard work and dedication, despite any challenges you may face will result in dreams realized. We all know someone like Derrick. The people who we all support that are living with disabilities are the real stars, just like Derrick. We encourage you to share with us stories about your stars and the dreams they are reaching every day.

Read about Derrick's story and watch his new TV commercial that talks about his journey to find his dream, despite living with a hearing disability.

Click Here to Read Derrick's Story

Click Here for Derrick's TV Commercial

State Senator Michael Nozzolio and representatives from Happiness House are hosting a roundtable discussion for families with a child diagnosed with autism. A number of autism experts, area professionals, including health and education officials, will participate in the roundtable discussion to explain what services and assistance are available for families dealing with autism. Specifically the roundtable discussion aims to:

  • Learn more about the challenges presented by Autism, how it is diagnosed, and what services are available to individuals and their families in our region;
  • Hear from families in our region who have an autistic child and to learn of the particular issues they face;
  • Find out what policy changes are necessary to effectively address the needs of families living with autism.

Where: Canandaigua Inn on the Lake, 700 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY

When: Saturday, January 25, 2014 Noon – 1:30 pm

For further information or to RSVP contact:

Senator Nozzolio’s Office - Toll Free at 1-888-568-9816

Heidi Colf, Happiness House, - (585) 394-9510

Join the Facebook Event by Clicking Here!

Please find a postcard attached to pass along to families in your network.

CDPA  - An Alternative to Traditional Home Care

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) is an alternative to “traditional home care” where consumers are able to hire, schedule, train, and dismiss their own personal attendants. They can hire just about anyone, including friends, neighbors and most family members. The amount of service a consumer receives is determined by the County or the appropriate Managed Care Organization after an assessment is completed. In order to be eligible, a consumer must have Medicaid and must require assistance with daily living activities. Personal Assistants (PA) help consumers with personal needs such as bathing, meal preparation, eating, toileting, and shopping, as well as, basic housekeeping chores.

Another advantage to CDPA is that consumers can train their personal assistants to perform tasks that a traditional personal care worker would not be allowed to do. For example, a personal assistant providing services under CDPA may insert a catheter or suction a trach.

Consumers are responsible for finding their own aides and having a backup plan if aides don’t show or request time off. They must also review and sign time sheets to ensure that the worker is paid. While this places more responsibility on consumers than traditional personal/home care, it offers the freedom of managing and controlling their own services.

Learn more Here!

One Provider's Success

Southern Tier Independence Center (STIC) is strongly committed to the provision of Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPA) services in Broome and Tioga counties. STIC serves as the Fiscal Intermediary for the program, as well as, the employer of record, processing time sheets, administering payroll and benefits for PAs, etc. For all other purposes, the consumer is considered the employer. In addition, CDPA saves money. In every county in the state, CDPA has the lowest rate of any personal care program. Many CDPA consumers would be in Certified Home Health programs, a much more costly alternative, if they were not in CDPA. A significant number would require nursing services, but in CDPA consumers are able to train their workers to perform those tasks.

"It is our experience, after overseeing this program for 15 years that consumers feel empowered by being able to direct their own care, and they are much more comfortable with aides that they interview and select," stated Maria Dibble, Executive Director of STIC. "The program is not for everyone though. Consumers and/or a designated representative must be willing and able to handle all of the requirements of being an employer."

This has been a very successful program, and has kept many consumers out of nursing homes. One example STIC shared with iCircle was about the first individual in the program who had progressive MS. With the support of her aides, she participated fully in the community in recreational activities, attended church, and served on boards. She recently passed away, but she was a prime example of someone who thrived in the CDPA program, and would have likely ended up in a nursing home without it.

STIC’s CDPA Program believes that, “There is no place like home!”

We thank STIC for sharing more about this service with the iCircle network and congratulate them on providing a quality service that truly puts choice and empowerment of individuals first.

Provider Spotlight:  H.O.M.E. Inc.

Agency Name: Humanitarian Organization for Multicultural Experiences, Inc. (H.O.M.E Inc.)

Established: 1993


H.O.M.E. Inc. is a culturally diverse agency whose purpose is to assist persons who are developmentally disabled and their families to attain a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. It is founded on the principles that all individuals have the same rights, including the right to grow and maximize potential; and that valuing and embracing the diversity in our community will increase participation in appropriate programs and services.

Executive Director/CEO: Shirley Goddard

Developmental Disability Services:

After School Respite, Blended Services, Children-At-Risk, Community Habilitation, Family Care, Medicaid Service Coordination, Mentoring Program, NYS OPTS Day Habilitation

Other Services: Housing

314 Hudson Street Apartments, 314 Hudson Street, Syracuse, NY

White-Skipworth Residences, 1133-1155 West Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY

Number of Employees: 65

Number of Individuals Served: 250

Coverage Area: Onondaga County

Ages Served: 10 -100

Thank you for your Support!

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