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November 2013

Community Connection

Issue #42

Message from the Board

As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, we are reminded of those things we are most grateful for. For iCircle, that is you! We are grateful for the community of service providers, families, and individuals who have joined our mailing list to stay connected and informed during this time of transformation. It is so important to stay proactive and engaged as a community while we wait on our pending approvals from NYS to operate as a managed care organization. As you may know, we are currently working with the NYS Department of Health to become an approved Managed Long Term Care plan. We are also waiting to hear more from the OPWDD on the DISCO development and RFA process. Transparency is an important guiding principle for iCircle. Therefore, we will continue to share and offer information on our progress as it becomes available.  

If you have questions, feedback, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@icirclecny.org. We would love to hear from you!

Personal Outcome Measures:
Not Just a Training Tool; a Listening Tool

The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) believes that knowledge about people is the foundation for delivering quality services. In 1997 they launched a ground-breaking method and value-based quality of life system known world-wide as the Personal Outcome Measures®.

CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® (POM) provide the basis for organizational quality enhancement and offer the best method to help providers learn about people’s definition of quality of life based on their priorities. To that end, providers are then able to focus their resources and energy on what really matters to the individuals they support. Providers should seek to understand what matters most to each individual and develop supports and services accordingly. Without question, the Personal Outcome Measures® engage individuals in a dialogue to determine what matters most to them in a way no other approach does. Through the process, providers will find out information about an individual that may never have surfaced before without this process.

Why are POMs Important to Providers?

While the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities may not require providers to utilize CQL’s Personal Outcome Measures® they will still be evaluated on its principles. The Division of Quality Improvement (DQI) at OPWDD will be using Personal Outcome Measures® principles to evaluate the quality of supports based on the results of each individual’s achievements. DQI oversight activities will have a greater emphasis on individual goals/outcomes, self-determination and community inclusion/meaningful activities. They will be evaluating how well the organization supports individual needs, goals, and outcomes. The Personal Outcome Measures® will assist providers to evaluate quality of both supports and individual’s lives. Learning, understanding, and implementing POMs will drive positive change and improvements within your organization and allow providers to better understand and prepare for how they will be evaluated in the new service delivery environment.

Quality will be measured differently by individuals. How well quality is achieved will depend on how service providers listen and act to the identified wants and needs of individuals with disabilities and their families.  

Click here to learn more about POMs and DQI’s evolving approach to evaluating quality for providers and DISCOs.

POM Interview Training Offered

iCircle Services along with CDS Monarch and STIC are offering a series of CQL POM Interview Assessment Workshops. The first in the series is January 28-31 in Binghamton, NY. Please review the attached information or visit www.icirclecny.org  to learn more and to register for these important sessions. At the completion of each four-day workshop, participants will be able to effectively conduct POM interviews, as well as, learn how to utilize the data for individual plan development and organizational trending to enhance the quality of service delivery to the people we serve. 

Register Today! Limited Spaces are Available!

Service Spotlight: Helping Seniors in our Community

When Angelo and Edna Garofolo decided that they wanted to move back to New York from Florida to be near their family for health reasons, they didn’t know where they were going to live. They contacted an Eldercare worker at Lifespan, who helped them to locate affordable senior housing options in the Rochester area. They were thrilled when an apartment became available for them in early May at CDS Monarch Senior Living. 

Angelo and Edna have settled into their new home and are very happy with their new place. “We love the location, and it’s a new building, and we were able to bring our cat,” says Edna. “And we were lucky enough to get a handicap-accessible unit, which was a blessing because of my past back injury.” 

In the short time they have been at CDS Monarch Senior Living, Edna and Angelo have gotten to know many of their neighbors, enjoyed hiking on the trails in a nearby park, and had a few visits from their grandkids. They also like to use the exercise room or the computers in the lounge while they do their laundry. Angelo goes golfing every Monday with his brother and some friends they grew up with, while Edna attends a weekly dance class to watch and catch up with her old ballet friends. “We have more time to do things that we like to do now because everything is taken care of at our new home,” says Angelo. “This means we’ll be able to enjoy our retirement.”

Edna and Angelo are like many seniors in our community who are seeking affordable housing and care for their future. Their story is a wonderful example of two iCircle provider agencies coming together to fulfill the needs and dreams of people in our community. As we wait to hear on approval of the iCircle MLTC Plan from the NYS Department of Health, we ask you to keep people like the Garofolos in mind, who want to remain as independent as possible in their home, so that we may be able to help offer them the highest quality of care right in their own home and community.

To learn more about Managed Long Term Care, please visit the NYS Department of Health’s website. 

We want to hear your stories! Share them today by emailing info@icirclecny.org.

Thank you for your Support!

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