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October 2013

Community Connection

Issue #35

Message from the Board

The momentum across the iCircle network remains in full swing. Representatives travel to Newark today for the final focus group in this series. We will share the overall results in the next few weeks.

Additionally, you may have received the following update from OPWDD’s Acting Commissioner, however we wanted to share it with the network in case some of you have not yet heard about this. It is a message regarding OPWDD’s plan to create more jobs for people with developmental disabilities:
One of the first steps toward independence for many people is a job, and on October 1, 2013, OPWDD submitted its draft plan to increase competitive employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The proposal lays out the ways OPWDD is seeking to increase and promote employment for the individuals we serve. Some of the steps we are taking to make that happen include:

  • Fostering business partnerships by collaborating with the Empire State Development Corporation to encourage businesses to hire people with developmental disabilities;
  • Fostering partnerships with the state education system to educate stakeholders about supported employment services; and
  • Partnering with providers to improve the quality of supported employment services and ensure that appropriate job discovery, development, and coaching are provided, and to share best practices.

We have also heard the concerns raised by individuals and families whose loved ones have spent decades in sheltered workshops, and who are worried about change. For those individuals, there are a number of options available including receiving other OPWDD services, receiving services in the former sheltered workshops transformed into a more integrated model, or supported employment.
Our entire draft proposal to CMS can be read here. It is a long-term plan and a major part of OPWDD’s ongoing transformation to a person-directed system.
iCircle will continue to share these types of updates with you as we learn about them. It is important to us that our network stay informed about developments as they are happening. If you have any information, updates or success stories that you think would be beneficial to share, please send us an email.

MLTC Update

iCircle has been moving full speed ahead with our Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plan development. Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) helps people who are chronically ill or have disabilities and who need health and long-term care services, such as home care or adult day care, to stay in their homes and communities as long as possible. The MLTC plan arranges and pays for a large selection of health and social services, and provides choice and flexibility in obtaining needed services from one place.

The MLTC licensure will be the first path of entry into managed care and will help best prepare us for the DISCO application and service delivery in the future. We have strong strategic partners we are working with to help deliver the most diversified, robust, high quality services to people who are eligible for long-term care and their families in the Central New York Region. We will work together with individuals and families to self-direct and advocate for the long term care services they desire and that best fit their needs. iCircle will provide comprehensive care management services for Medicaid eligible individuals who are 21 years and old and require more than 120 days of community-based home care services as defined by the NYS Department of Health. The MLTC plan will offer home care, personal care, adult health, social day care, nursing home care, specialty health and other services (i.e. home delivered meals, transportation, and personal emergency response).

We are currently working with the Department of Health on our application. At the same time, we are busy building the provider network and it is our hope you can help! We are interested in hearing from you about the providers you trust, that serve your area and provide you or your family members with any of the services listed above. Please email info@icirclecny.org with any feedback or to tell us more about providers in your area.   

To Learn More About MLTC in New York, click here.

Provider Spotlight: Interim HealthCare of Syracuse

Established: 1975

Mission: To provide high quality home care and staffing services at a reasonable price.     

Executive Director/CEO: Neil Bronstein

Services: Nursing and Home Health Aide services provided within a client's home or in a facility.

Number of Employees: 56

Number of Individuals Served: 69

Coverage Area: Cayuga, Cortland, Jefferson, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, and Tompkins counties

Ages Served: Any

Thank you for your Support!

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Mission: iCircle Services is a service portal where individuals with developmental disabilities and their families can self-direct, advocate, and secure the supports and services that best fit their needs. We are guided by individual choice, inclusion, diversity, cultural competence, respect, community, learning and empowerment for those we serve.

Vision: iCircle Services will establish a comprehensive, sustainable, trusted, and compassionate system of supports and services that will help empower families and individuals with developmental disabilities to promote their happiness, independence and inclusion as productive members of our community.

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