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October 2013

Community Connection

Issue #36

Message from the Board

iCircle held its final focus group last week, and the feedback from these sessions with be shared in next week’s issue of our newsletter. Even though the focus groups have concluded, we will continue to host and facilitate family meetings across the region. We currently have one scheduled at Verde View Equestrian Center on November 13th. If you would like to have iCircle come present and talk to the families that you serve, please contact us at info@icirclecny.org and we will be happy to schedule a meeting date with you.

Call for Submissions

Each week, we try to feature two organizations from our Provider Network in our newsletter. If your agency has not yet been featured in the Provider Spotlight, we would like to include you in an upcoming issue! Please send us an email with your Spotlight information and a few photos that represent your services.

Additionally, in some of our recent issues, we have been including stories of personal success in the community, as well as, sharing experiences of family members as they navigate various service options. Do you have a story that you would like to share with others in our iCircle community? Your story might provide encouragement and insight for others. Please send your ideas to info@icirclecny.org.

Provider Spotlight: AAPSA

Established: 2007

Mission: ADHD & Autism Psychological Services and Advocacy is an agency that specializes in providing state-of-the-science assessment, treatment, educational, and advocacy services for persons across the lifespan. We have offices in Utica, New York, and Syracuse, New York, and provide consultation and training services across New York State.

Executive Director/CEO: Dr. Andy Lopez-Williams

Developmental Disability Services: ADHD, Autism, Neurodevelopmental disorders

Other Services: Learning Disabilities, General counseling, Saturday Skills Program (Group therapy)

Number of Employees: 16

Number of Individuals Served: 300+

Coverage Area: Madison and Oneida counties

Ages Served: All ages

Provider Spotlight: CNY Quest

Established: 2010

Mission: CNY Quest’s mission is to enrich the lives of people with developmental, intellectual, and mental health disorders by providing comprehensive, state-of-the-science assessment and treatment services; facilitating systemic improvements in services and education; supporting and advocating for individuals in their quest for achieving their optimal potential; and enhancing community supports, awareness and education.

Executive Director/CEO: Dr. Andy Lopez-Williams

Developmental Disability Services: Service Coordination and Community Habilitation

Other Services: Pivotal response training

Number of Employees: 4

Number of Individuals Served: 100+

Coverage Area: Oneida county

Ages Served: All ages

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Mission: iCircle Services is a service portal where individuals with developmental disabilities and their families can self-direct, advocate, and secure the supports and services that best fit their needs. We are guided by individual choice, inclusion, diversity, cultural competence, respect, community, learning and empowerment for those we serve.

Vision: iCircle Services will establish a comprehensive, sustainable, trusted, and compassionate system of supports and services that will help empower families and individuals with developmental disabilities to promote their happiness, independence and inclusion as productive members of our community.

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